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Latino Outreach of Tehama County, formally Hispanic Outreach has been actively involved since 1994. Latino Outreach of Tehama County (LOTC) began as a coalition, representing the needs of Tehama County residents and bicultural community. Our organization consists of various organizations which include educational, governmental, nonprofit, and local businesses. Our general meeting meets once a month, along with committee meetings, which could meet up to 2-4 times a month. Our meetings are beneficial by examining issues or concerns of changes in one’s system and its impact in the community. The news is usually shared within the various agencies in order to take back to place of employment or back to the community.

By working with a wide variety of agenicies, dedicated community members, and organizational members, LOTC has created a network of individuals and agencies that work in conjunction to bring information on health, education, and oavailable opportunities to create a healthy society.

We are Connecting Communities

​​In addition to broadening our cultural activities, we plan on expanding our services to include cultural competence, quality healthcare education, enrollment, screening, and prevention education. Specific services will include providing diabetes self management and support groups in Spanish, offering lessons on how to prepare healthy, low-carbohydrate meals, and English as a second language classes to low income individuals and their families. Each year we host a Bi-National Heal Fair in Corning and Cinco de Mayo celebration at the Tehama County fairgrounds.

Our Mission

Founded in 1996 in Red Bluff, LOTC's mission is "to promote interaction and information between sharing between the latino community and community groups, associations, businesses, and organizations in Tehama County.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to promote, educate, and assist Latino & diverse comunities in accessing private/public agencies in order to improve the quality of services.


To acheive this purpose, the organization shall encourage information and networking among its members and the Latino community. It shall sponsor and co-sponsor cultural and educational outreach events and activities which are sensitive to the needs and culture of the Latino and diverse communities.


The organization shall support events which encourage an understanding and appreciation of the dignity and worth of the individual and diversity of the community. It shall strive to benefit the community by sustaining, encouraging, and supporting its growth.


Organized under the Nonprofit Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes. - 501c (3)

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