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Latino Outreach of Tehama County initiated its first year of hosting a Health Fair. For public convenience, the fair took place in the southern region of Tehama County while the Children's Fair and Cinco de Mayo Health Fair was held in the northern region of the County. An estimated 15-20 vendors assisted and placed a booth.




Our members participated in the Cultural Competence Committee at Tehama County Mental Health Agency and provided input and ideas on various needs of the community.




Reorganization of the Board of Directors took place. Beginning with the implementation of new bylaws, policies, the team began improving and strengthening the scholarship fund. LOTC also obtained liability insurance for its events and for the Board of Directors. 



This year, our organization had its 12th annual Cinco de Mayo health/business fair which was a success with an estimated 4000 people in attendance. On October 27th, Latino Outreach planned for its Multicultural Health Fair at Rolling Hills Casino in the Carlino Room. This free event provided agency health screenings.


As new members joined the Board, Latino Outreach rose to new standards. The organization's structural components (mission, vision, bylaws, policies, goals, etc.) were renewed once more to focus on the community's changing needs. This allowed LOTC to successfully extend its services much more.

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