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I am honored to be a part of LOTC and it's longstanding mission of resolving disparities and promoting opportunities within the Latino community. This has proven to be a very rewarding role where I can leverage my years of experience with foreign people and apply my skills acquired from multiple careers.
I grew up in a mixed culture family that embraced many other cultures and foreign people. So it's no surprise that I have worked in three foreign countries and visited a total of 12 countries. The people and places have certainly made an impact of me, and provided many lessons on understanding a foreign culture and how to participate.
As an Engineer I've learned to organize and execute large scale work with procedures and work processes. (Many thanks to the Colorado School of Mines for preparing me well!) As a Salesperson I've learned how to introduce and share new ideas with people. And finally, as a Small Business Owner, I've learned the hard balance between needs and actual resources. All of these skills I apply to my role within LOTC, and with today's amazing and talented Board Members we are accomplishing great things during these very strange days.

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